Why do I need to book in advance?

Booking a photographer to capture the baby’s newborn stage is in the to-do list for many expecting parents. But not all the parents think it needs to be done way in advance before they even deliver the baby. We often get last minute enquiries asking our availability for their newborn baby. It is almost quite late to book a newborn session after your baby arrives because we are full with booked-in-advance clients. So why book a newborn photography session before your baby arrives?

This is something a lot of new parents ask: How can I even book a session when I don’t even know when the baby is going to arrive? My baby could arrive early or late. That is true. Unless you will have a scheduled c-section, you won’t know exactly when your baby will arrive.

This is how our system works to make sure we photograph newborn babies in time for all our booked clients. We take a certain number of due dates per week (maximum 4-5) due dates per week. We mark our clients’ due dates in our calendar. Once the baby arrives, we schedule the session in. We want to make sure our clients can bring their baby in for the best time to photograph their babies. We are also flexible for booked clients. Some clients might need a few more days due to the delivery complication. Some babies might need a few more days before their first photo session due to jaundice, for example. We prioritize our booked clients. Occasionally we have openings. But why would you take a chance if it is something you really want? Why won’t you book in advance so you don’t get disappointed to find out we are not available to photograph your baby and have to research for other photographers even though you really like our style. And it seems we have shortage of newborn photographers in town as a lot of us get booked up in advance.

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What Experience/Training do you have as a Newborn Photographer?

I have over 5 years of experience working with newborns, and countless hours spent on training and workshops. I only offer a safe, calm environment for your precious new baby, and their safety would never be compromised to get an image.

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Can I have the RAW files? Can I have the rest Unedited?

Sorry, No!

Heres why…


Without getting too technical, a raw image enables professional photographers to keep as much information and quality as possible within the file for that edit. It’s to be expected that none of the raw photos will be at the level at which the client would want them.

2.) My Editing is Part of my Entire Process, Which is Why you would hire me. Since you would be drawn to my work, it is my editing that is also included in this. It is part if my process. It only makes sense that my edits are required to create an image that’s truly indicative of my style — the entire reason why I am hired.

3.) We Already Have an Agreement for a Set Number of Images.

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When should I book my newborn session? How do I secure my spot?

My clients usually book as soon as they have had their 12 week pregnancy scan. The sooner the better to avoid disappointment. However if your baby has already arrived, don’t worry, I’m sure we can arrange a session. We generally set a tentative date based on your due date. Generally babies don’t arrive when predicted, but at least we will have a starting point, and I will put you in my calendar for your birth ‘month’.

A non refundable deposit MUST be made to book your session date. I sometimes have a wait list for sessions, and without a deposit, your spot will not be secured. My pre-booked clients will always take priority over sessions booked last minute.

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When will the session take place?

Newborns are best photographed within the first fourteen days after birth. I generally try and book around the 5-21 day mark, as they tend to sleep better and love being all curled up in those sweet poses! However, please do not hesitate to contact me if your baby is older. I have very successfully photographed ‘newborn’ images of 5 and 6 week old babies; especially if they were born prematurely. Sometimes the only difference is we will get more awake/alert images with baby looking right at the camera! These are some of my favourite photos!​

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How long does the session last?

I typically schedule newborn sessions in the morning around 10:30 to 12:30pm. This has been proven to be the most successful time for photographing the babies, as they tend to sleep better and fuss a lot less. The majority of newborn sessions last around 2 hours. This will allow us to take multiple breaks for you to feed and soothe your infant.

Due to space at the studio, I ask If only people who wish to be included in photos to attend.​

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What about photos with families/siblings?

I always welcome siblings to come and be a part of the family photos. Please try to keep them calm during this time as a quiet atmosphere is very important in obtaining newborn photos. Having someone to keep the siblings occupied is a must, as I generally keep the studio door closed to avoid disruption, and to keep the room toasty warm for the newborn.

It is recommended to have someone available to take the sibling home after they are finished. Newborn sessions are lengthy and siblings will get bored very quickly.

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How do we prepare for the session?

Please read through the PDF forms in your welcome packet, including how to prepare for your session. There is quite a bit of reading involved, but following a few simple guidelines results in a smooth and calm session.

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What should I bring for the baby to wear?

Most of my work is done using wraps, covers and nude. I have a posing workflow I generally go through, and try not to disturb the baby once they are sleeping by changing outfits, putting on pants etc . Besides, they are only this size for a very short time and clothes tend to add bulk and detract from their tiny features.

If you are planning on family or sibling photos with your newborn, I suggest you wear something comfortable. Jeans with a black or neutral tone (Brown, beige, cream,etc.) shirt/t-shirt/blouse work best. It’s a good idea to bring along a change of clothes as newborns are bound to have accidents at their sessions.

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What do we expect once we arrive?

Expect to have a rest! Honestly… I want you to feel at home, comfortable and relaxed during the session.
Once you arrive with baby, I will show you the colours and sets I have chosen based on our previous discussions.

I will have bottled water on site, and encourage you to bring snacks, a book or just have a snooze! If you want to watch the entire session unfold, feel free! Explore and pick through my props, hats, headbands and wraps.

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All of my children and I are up to date on necessary vaccines and flu shots. I do this for the health and safety of the babies I handle and photograph in my home. This is very important to me, especially handling premies and babies that have spent time in the NICU. I do have a pet friendly home, but keep my animals locked up when clients are visiting. I also wash and or/spot clean materials and blankets used after each session. If I am sick even with a common cold, I will reschedule your newborn session until I’m better. I encourage you to do the same, especially with older siblings who are sick and may be touching items in my studio. Just as with safety, I will not risk the health of any newborn baby.

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If you have any questions or concerns at all, I encourage you to contact me via phone, email or text!

Isma Khan