Why hire birth photographer?

Think of it as an investment. I have clients that tell me all the time that they spent so much money on their wedding photos and they never look at them, but they watch their Birth Story all the time!

Birth Photography is about telling a story. Birth Photography is about documenting the anticipation of those hours before your baby is born. Birth Photography is about documenting that exact moment when you look at your baby for the first time, hold them in your arms, smell their smell for the first time, hear their cry for the first time.

Birth Photography is about telling the story of the miracle of life and love.



Hiring a Birth Photographer is a very personal decision. No one can make this decision for you. But I hope these important points might help you in making the decision of hiring me as your Birth Photographer in the near future.

10 reasons to hire a Professional Birth Photographer

1. Your partner and birth team are free to focus entirely on you without the additional task of capturing photographs, especially during the moment of birth. I float around your birth space, moving seamlessly around your birth team. I know when to move and I know when to step out.

2. You and your partner/ support people will be in the photographs.

3. Your photographs will be in focus. They will be taken by a professional who is skilled and experienced with photographing high action and in low light. Who else would you choose to preserve the fleeting first moments after the birth of your new baby means but a Professional Birth Photographer with the tools and experience to do so?

4. This event is one of the most monumental of your life that you can have photographed. Becoming a parent, whether it is for the first or fifth time, is a life-changing event. People spend money to have their wedding photographed, why shouldn’t this occasion deserve similar attention?

5. Memory fades. These images will keep the important moments fresh and allow you to see the timeline of your birth.

6. It saves time. You can focus on your baby and leave all the photographing, culling through images, and editing to a professional. I will even print them for you and make a book to tell your birth story so you can spend more time connecting with your new family member.

7. Perspective. Birthing mothers often focus inwardly. Birth photography allows you to see the birth as a whole and from a different perspective.

8. Babies grow fast. All those tiny features that make a newborn a newborn are gone in a blink of an eye. They look different after a week, even a day!

9. Birth Photographers document stories. Not just a few snapshots. It is not just my job to tell your story, it is my passion and an art form I have dedicated myself to.

10. Birth Photographers can capture parts of the story you never see. Family waiting just outside the door, a sibling’s first response, a mother’s reaction.